150.- CHF





Verlustfreie Wireless Systeme von D&A


With the new Kleer Technology, you can now send all your music from your I-Pad/Phone etc. to your hifi system without any loss of sound quality


Finaly , wireless earphones without the loss of sound quality, now you run, watch  TV,

go to the gym and not have to worry about the cable getting stuck all the time or getting a bed sound.

Selling Preis : 199.- CHF


Opera S5

Kabelloser Kleer-Ohrhörer für iPhones, iPods & iPads.

Verkaufspreis: 250.- CHF





Vers iPhone Case aus Holz (Bambus, Kirsch- oder Walnussholz)

Real wood cases, no more plastic cases now you can realy feel the quality.

 For i Phone 3G/3GS/4/ iPod/iPad



                    Verkaufspreis: 49.- CHF                                         Verkaufspreis: 45.- CHF





World best "Pure Digital" amp, High end D/A converter which lets you connect all your

digital player and get the best sound possible.

This Amp lets you get all the music from your I-Phone/Touch etc. in digital form

and plays it with lossless sound quality.



Verkaufspreis: 1790.- CHF