Thiel Audio

(Updated: 01.05.2016)



NEUE TT1   High-tech innovation: The Coax from 2.7 and 3.7 THE NEW 3rd Avenue Serie
Starting at 7990.- CHF/pair American highend starting from 11'990 CHF/pair The Neu TM3 , 3rd Avenue ab 3'990 CHF


Der NEUE 3rd Avenue Serie
TT1 Standlautsprecher Schwarz, Weiss /  Espresso,Rosewood,  7'990 / 8'490.-  CHF/Pair
TM3 Regallautsprecher Schwarz, Weiss / Espresso, Rosewood  3'990 / 4'490.-  CHF/Pair
TC1 Center Espresso,Rosewood,Schwarz, Weiss
 2'990 CHF
Stand       990 CHF Pair

Coherent Source - bookshelf speakers
SCS 4 2-way coaxial bass reflex bookshelf speaker Black Ash/Natural Cherry/Rosewood 4'290 CHF/pair
SCS 3 2-way coaxial bass reflex bookshelf speaker   6'990 CHF/pair
MCS 1 3.5-way coaxial bass reflex bookshelf speaker   9'990 CHF/pair




Coherent Source - floorstanding speakers
SCS 4T 2-way coaxial bass reflex floorstanding speaker Black Ash/Natural Cherry/Rosewood 4'990 CHF/pair
CS 1.6 2-way floorstanding speaker Black (Satin) 4'990 CHF/pair
    Black Ash/Natural Cherry/Walnut 5'980 CHF/pair
    Amberwood/Dark Cherry 6'280 CHF/pair
CS 1.7 2-way floorstanding speaker Black (Satin) 6'490 CHF/pair
    Black Ash/Natural Cherry/Walnut 7'480 CHF/pair
    Amberwood/Dark Cherry 7'780 CHF/pair
CS 2.4 3-way coaxial floorstanding speaker Black (Satin) 8'990 CHF/pair
    Black Ash/Natural Cherry/Walnut 9'980 CHF/pair
    Amberwood/Dark Cherry 10'280 CHF/pair
CS 2.7 3-way coaxial floorstanding speaker Black (Satin) 11'990 CHF/pair
    Black Ash/Natural Cherry/Walnut 12'980 CHF/pair
    Amberwood/Dark Cherry 13'280 CHF/pair
CS 3.7 3.5-way coaxial floorstanding speaker Black (Satin) 17'990 CHF/pair
    Black Ash/Natural Cherry/Walnut 18'980 CHF/pair
    Amberwood/Dark Cherry 19'280 CHF/pair



SmartSub SS2 Subwoofer (2x25cm, 1000W) Black (Satin) 5'990 CHF
    Black Ash/Natural Cherry/Walnut 6'980 CHF
    Amberwood/Dark Cherry 7'280 CHF



Custom installation speakers
PowerPlane 1.2 2-way coaxial in-wall speaker White, paintable 2'990 CHF/pair
HigherPlane 1.2 2-way coaxial in-ceiling speaker White, paintable 2'990 CHF/pair
PowerPoint 1.2 2-way coaxial on-wall/ceiling speaker White, paintable 3'490 CHF/pair